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Answers to some of your most common questions:

The mobile clinic operates every Saturday throughout Jacksonville as well as St. John’s, Nassau, Duval, Baker, and Clay counties. Stops vary week by week. Check the mobile vet clinic schedule on this page of our website regularly for updates on our route.

The mobile clinic sees customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are not available.

Some stops are busier than others. Our mobile clinic’s capacity is about 12-15 pet owners/vehicles per hour, depending on a few variables. Therefore, arriving before the scheduled start time is recommended.

A JCPC staff member will arrive at each stop as early as possible, before the mobile clinic’s arrival, to pass out numbers and forms. If you are more than 12 pet owners/vehicles deep in line, please see a JCPC staff member to determine if we’ll be able to serve you at the current stop or if we recommend you meet us at the next stop. Conversely, if we finish serving all customers at a stop ahead of schedule, we pay up early and head to the next step. Therefore, we recommend arriving at least 20 minutes before the end of the stop.

Remember, we may not be able to serve everyone at each stop as we must maintain route schedule times throughout the day. That’s why we highly recommend arriving before the scheduled start time.

Bring your pet either on a leash or in a crate. Bring your pet’s records for the past year. Also, while it’s not required, save time by completing the patient form above and bringing it with you to your visit.

Note – this form needs to be completed for each pet and each visit, even if you have visited the mobile clinic in the past.

We accept cash and debit cards, as well as Mastercard, Visa, and American Express credit cards. We do not accept checks and are unable to accept ScratchPay or CareCredit at the mobile clinic.

Refer to the mobile vet clinic schedule on this page of our website for the name and address of the business we will be outside of. Then look for the bright yellow sign or our mobile clinic!

Aggressive dogs that are muzzled, and well-controlled while muzzled, are welcome at the mobile clinic. However, if a pet poses a danger to themselves or our staff, we reserve the right to deny treatment. In those instances, we will offer alternative treatment options (i.e., sedation) to the pet owner, which would need to take place at one of our regular clinic locations.

Frequently Asked Questions for Veterinarians

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